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About me

My name is Mauro Pagano and I’m a Database Engineer who likes performance, query optimization and SQL Tuning.

I worked for Oracle for the last 10 years before joining the amazing Enkitec family!
This blog is all about sharing things I learned during this time as well as what I’ll learn tomorrow…and maybe the day after.

What I like the most of my job is the opportunity to learn each and every day, from a colleague, a client or just by playing around and I’m sure this is true for a lot of other people, that’s why I believe sharing is the way to go, to make others learn from me the same way I learn from others.
Somebody would say “You have an idea. I have an idea…..”, well you know how it ends 🙂

I was the developer behind SQLTXPLAIN, SQLHC, TRCA and few other great tools designed by my good friend Carlos Sierra for some time when still at Oracle so probably you’ll hear more about those tools every once in a while!

One thought on “About me

  1. You’re always the best 😉


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