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Quick update on SQLd360 recent changes

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The last blog post was about SQLd360 v1504 and last night I released v1507 so a couple released (v1505, v1506) were silent. This post is just a quick update of what’s changed in the last weeks.

  • ASH SQL reports have been removed, the API is very slow (was taking up to 90% of the overall SQLd360 elapsed time) and the report itself is usually not that useful compared to raw data.
  • ASH Raw Data report has been enhanced with several new columns (mostly wait events related), this section is useful for quick searches on the most common ASH columns
  • SQLd360 now leverages eAdam to export GV$ACTIVE_SESSION_HISTORY and DBA_HIST_ACTIVE_SESS_HISTORY for the SQL ID of interest, this is useful for detailed ASH mining operations
  • Two new reports have been included, number of execs by PHV and total elapsed time by PHV, they can help in understanding how impact each PHV is (ie. one single exec of the bad plan took as much as 20 execs for the good plan)
  • CBO environment and IO Calibration statistics are now collected

Plus a few minor improvements as well as several bug fixes 🙂

As usual please reach out of me if you have any question/comment/concern/suggestion!!

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